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2012 SXSW: The Future Of This Blog

Sometimes taking a step back can make all the difference to your future. Take a few moments to smell the Roses and you may find they’re actually Tulips…with Skittles instead of soil…and ears instead of petals. Going to 2012 SXSW did that for me, and the ideas I had from the talks I went to, … Continue reading

2012 SXSW: Merchandise + Authors = Cheese & Chicken

I’ve been wittering on about 2012 SXSW all week, but I promise there are only two more posts to go. Today I want to talk about merchandising for authors, a crazy consideration for most. The thing is, I was sat in a talk about crowdsourcing (as discussed in the last post), and a good chunk … Continue reading

The Turndog Tales: 18/03 – 23/03

Hello everybody, it seems an age since I last did a round up of the week’s best news, but the truth is I’ve only missed one week. I’ve returned from 2012 SXSW with plenty of ideas and vigor, so I hope you’ve been reading my recent posts, but if you haven’t please Click Here. It’s … Continue reading

2012 SXSW: Is Crowdsourcing The Future?

After my visit to 2012 SXSW I took in some great talks from some great panellists. They were music based, but the subjects got me thinking about my own writing and author platform. Music and Books are not that different, and are going through, or have been through, some very similar things. One talk I … Continue reading

2012 SXSW: The Future Of Publishing?

2012 SXSW may have been the central focus for the music and interactive industries, but the span of expertise covers all corners of the business stratosphere. My outlook on things is this: an expert is a valuable source and you should look to listen whenever you can. With a little out of the box thinking … Continue reading

2012 SXSW: The Famous Five

I’m back everyone, and although I left part of my mind back in Austin (I do hope it returns at some point this week), I’m back and raring to go with lots of new ideas for this Blog and beyond. For those of you unaware, I have just been to 2012 SXSW in Austin: a … Continue reading

Out To SXSW: Back Soon!

  Hi all I’m on route to Austin, Texas for the SXSW Music Festival, so this Blog will see little attention over the next week. I return on the 20th March and will head straight back into The Millionaire Plan, so don’t worry I won’t be gone long. My online presence won’t be left to … Continue reading

How To Reinvent Your Brand Via Hipsters…

This last March I went to SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin Texas, fulfilling a dream I’ve had for around 6 years. I first heard of the music festival in 2005, hearing that bands such as Bloc Party were going to grace it’s hallowed turf. Ever since this news my best friend and me longed … Continue reading

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