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Author Marketing: Are Podcasts Dead Or The New Saviour

Is Podcasting dead? Some people would argue it is with the ever-growing video landscape. However, there are still thousands of people Podcasting, and quite a few notable folk who use it as part of their author marketing. In fact, some people can attribute Podcasts to the success of their author platform; so surly the thought … Continue reading

Just One More Chance

Today I’m writing a story as part of the AW February Blog Chain. I loved January’s effort and some of the comments I received were amazing. I can only hope this month brings the same kind of niceties. This month’s cue is second chances, which is a nice change to the usual February lovey dovey … Continue reading

The Turndog Tales – 21/01 – 27/01

It’s Friday, which means only one thing… The Turndog Tales return with the week’s best news from around the web. It’s been another interesting few days with iBook 2’s first few days of release, some inspiring stories for all aspiring authors, and a few reasons why Blogging is still relevant in this micro social world … Continue reading

Behind The Numbers: A Blogs First Month

Last Thursday marked my Blog’s one-month anniversary and thus the first opportunity to analyse my efforts so far. Overall it’s been a pleasing experience to write this post as I feel my numbers are decent (without being spectacular) and the lessons learned so far have been great. Total Views My total views after one month … Continue reading

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