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Author Marketing: Guest Blog Your Way To Stardom

Want to have an author platform where thousands of people visit each day? How about becoming one of those respected Bloggers appearing on a variety of sites, get paid to do so, and come away with awards year after year? It’s a tough thing to achieve and doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m here with a … Continue reading

Author Marketing: Are Podcasts Dead Or The New Saviour

Is Podcasting dead? Some people would argue it is with the ever-growing video landscape. However, there are still thousands of people Podcasting, and quite a few notable folk who use it as part of their author marketing. In fact, some people can attribute Podcasts to the success of their author platform; so surly the thought … Continue reading

Author Marketing: Google Will Search Plus Your World

Will Google+ be a game changer? It may soon become part of every Bloggers life, whether they like it or not. Welcome back to The Millionaire Plan: author marketing for those aspiring to become published. Today’s discussion goes to the webs new boy, Google+, and how it may become a daily part of all of … Continue reading

Author Marketing: Is Content Really The King of 2012?

Now I’m sure you’ve heard these words before, but having a Blog is arguably the most important aspect of your Author Platform. It allows you to go into as much or little depth as you like. It brings new people to YOU, allowing your author marketing activities to do what they do best. It also … Continue reading

Behind The Author… with Rick Chesler

I’m delighted to welcome my first guest on this Blog, an author I recently came across on another guest posting, Rick Chesler. One of the key reasons I started this Blog was to connect with others and I feel inviting people to come and post about things they specialise in is an ideal way to … Continue reading

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