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The Agony Of A Dead Bunny

This post is part of the AW April Blog Chain and the cue is about Dead Bunnies. I know, me too, I have no idea how it came about, but the stories so far have been amazing. Please read my own effort, and follow everyone else in the chain too. You won’t regret it 🙂 “Mum, … Continue reading

Just One More Chance

Today I’m writing a story as part of the AW February Blog Chain. I loved January’s effort and some of the comments I received were amazing. I can only hope this month brings the same kind of niceties. This month’s cue is second chances, which is a nice change to the usual February lovey dovey … Continue reading

Critique My Blog Blogfest

I mentioned earlier that I would like to know what people think of my blog, good as well as bad, so I can improve it. This gave me the idea for starting a blogfest where people critique each others’ blogs. Click here to read more about why I want to do this. To Get Critiqued: 1.      Include your name … Continue reading

A Winter Nightmare

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Chances are the majority of people reading this are from the AW Forum, so welcome AW’ers. For those of you who don’t know AW you should check it out. It’s a rather fun little forum with writing folk. This post is part of the January Blog Chain, this month’s theme … Continue reading

The Ever Improving Dream Of Writing

I recently came across a website called Men With Pens, and I’ve become hooked by the various Blog postings they have released, some from the head man himself, James, and others from guest Bloggers. I awoke this morning to an email from James announcing a competition from Men With Pens, a chance to be part … Continue reading

Turndog Millionaire

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