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My name is Matthew Turner (aka Turndog Millionaire) and I’m a Marketing Strategist who loves what he works for, loves to write fiction, and loves to listen to music.

I started this Blog to share my love for these three things, and to provide assistance and guidance to those needing it. I’m currently in the final editing phases of my first Novel and as such creating an Author Platform that will hopefully take me down the road of publishing.

This will form the basis for much of my Blog, creating posts that will help aspiring authors learn more about their markets and how to best leverage their skills and assets. If you’re an aspiring author and wanting to know how to create a personal brand, a solid author platform, and ways to communicate to the right people at the right time, then look no further.You’ve found your new home so please get in touch and Follow Me on my journey.

You can also Follow my Tweets and be kept up to date with lots and lots of links. Seriously, I Tweet far too much!

Much Love Onliners

Turndog Millionaire

“If you’d like to write a Guest Post on my site then please drop me an email HERE with details about You and Your ideas”

Matthew Turner is a Marketing Strategist with an MA in Advertising & Marketing from Leeds University Business School. As an Aspiring Author himself he Blogs about Book Marketing, Strategic Planning for Aspiring Authors, and how New Marketing Techniques can be used in the World of Publishing.

Love Marketing, Love Writing, Love Music

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Turndog Millionaire

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