Please see an ever growing lists of websites and blogs that I’ve found helpful along the way. If you are on it then please leave a comment below stating how awesome you are ūüôā


Marketing Tips – Tony Eldridge

This is going in both the marketing and writing section as it covers both. Although Tony covers writing tasks, the general things discussed can be taken in high regard by any marketer in any type of situation

The Drum 

One of my daily visits with an array of up to date new articles as well as being one of the biggest companies with regards to industry awards

Marketing Week

Again, I visit this daily, always offering some great up to date info. The offline version is great too, if you have some money to spare


Not marketing per say, but a great site for up to date tech and social media news. A daily visit is always on the cards here

Ads Of The World

Great tweets and some great content. Always comes up with some good reads and ideas

Seth Godin

Aka a marketing God. No marketer should be without Seth, although I don’t always agree with his ideas, he is never the less an amazing marketer.

Marketing Donut 

Great site with some good resources and articles. Always up to date with things and keep you in the know

Likeable Media – Dave Kerpen

Dave is one of the webs more respected social media guys and is always tweeting some good stuff. Worth looking into his company too as they are one of the best up and coming agencies in my opinion


No site as i add this link, but a great tweeter. Always offers some great links and i find myself re-tweeting and replying to many of them. Social Media based, but always got some great content.

Top 100 Marketing Blogs

Pretty comprehensive list of marketing blogs. If you can’t find it here, well…

We Grow Media (Dan Blank)

Some really good marketing tips, most of which point towards writing and publishing

Mitch Joel (Twist Image)

Offers some great marketing insight and has some very interesting ideas. Certainly worth keeping an eye on from time to time


Marketing Tips – Tony Eldridge

This is going in both the marketing and writing section as it covers both. Although Tony covers writing tasks, the general things discussed can be taken in high regard by any marketer in any type of situation

Creative Penn – Joanna Penn

Quite frankly a superb blogger/tweeter who is always offering up some great articles. I find myself on her site just about every day and is a great place for an aspiring author to go to. An absolute must

You can sign up to Joanna’s new 2012 course on Blogging HERE

Rachelle Gardner

An agent who offers a great insight into her world and always produces some good articles. Certainly worth adding on Twitter and keeping a very close eye on.

Nathan Bransford

Former Agent and now in the Tech industry offering sound social media advice. Written books himself and has a great insight into writing, the publishing process, and how the modern world can help/hinder your progress

Jane Friedman

Knows her stuff and has some great speaking events under her belt. I love her tweets and find myself listening to just about everything she posts.

Rick Chesler

Been there and done it and provides some great advice for aspiring authors looking into self publication

Inky Girl – Debbie Ohi

Really charming little blog with some great tips on writing and social media. A very good person to follow for aspiring authors and those looking to make the most out of Twitter, Facebook etc. Also does her drawings, which are quite frankly, charming ūüôā

Chuck Sambuchino (Writers Digest)

Discusses how aspiring authors can connect with agents and publishers, and generally has a great insight into the world of writing and publishing.

Joel Friedlander

‘The Book Designer’ and well, is exactly that. Not just a¬†creator¬†of nice covers though, oh no. He speaks a lot of sense and creates some great articles on social media and author platforms. Has some friends in high places too so is known to have some cool guest posts from time to time

Jeff Goins

Offers a variety of writing tips and if you read his past posts he’ll discuss everything from SEO to publishers. A great person to follow on Twitter and will often turn up some great links and articles

Ruth Lauren Steven

I came across Lauren on the AW Forum and her Blog is really worth taking a look at. she offers monthly critique contests and has some great posts from friends and guests. Generally a great Blog to wake up to or end a long and tiring evening.

Joe Konrath

An indie powerhouse and offers some great posts on a variety of things. Great to follow on Twitter too. Have aspirations to Self Pub? I’d say this is a must have in your Blog Roll.

Writer Unboxed

Has a whole host of great Bloggers posting daily. In any given week you’ll¬†receive¬†writing tips, feel good stories of writers getting signed, and ideas to take on the publishing world. An absolute must!

Huffington Post

News feed site which has some great Bloggers attached to it. Always offers some great posts on writing.


Brain Salad – Brian Muhlenkamp

Good friend of mine and is always on top of things when it comes to music. I basically stole his website for my own blog (sorry Brian) but provides some great mix tapes. My first port of call for new music


Quite simply the best music magazine around. Always has some top new music to indulge your ears


The best festival in the world, at this site is always worth heading to for some up to date music news. Especially in the lead up to March when things really kick off

Last fm

Great site to stream tunes, share content and create playlists


Quite simply get this bit of software if you don’t have it. Loads of songs, radio streams and good links with Facebook to keep up to date with¬†friends


Writers Unboxed

Mobile Read

Absolute Write



Savvy Authors

Writers Digest

Kindle Boards



Blog/CSS Help

Richard Spees (aka thesacredpath)

Richard has offered me some great advice on updating my Blog CSS, so go check out his site, and also the wordpress forums where he offers a great deal of help. True Legend.



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