Social Sharing Is Social Caring!

Well this is my first ever blog post and I thought long and hard about what it should be on. I mean how do you create your first one? The pressure is huge. It needs to stand out and set the standard, right? Nope, I figured just get on with things and talk about what you know, therefore deciding post number one should go in the Marketing category, and more specifically, about an article I read just yesterday about the rise of social sharing.

If you haven’t read the article then do so HERE, because it really is very informative and quite the eye opener. It basically tells you about how Unruly Media have created an info-graphic of social sharing in the last 5 years, and what an info-graphic it is too. The rise of social sharing is huge, and one you can’t fully comprehend until you look at said graphic. So if you didn’t do it earlier then do it NOW.

I remember being at Business School in Leeds and discussing Viral Ads such as the Cadbury Gorilla (150,000 shares) and the Heineken Ad (765,000 shares) and being very impressed. However these two don’t even muster up 1 million between them, which isn’t even a quarter of the current champ! In just 3 short years we’ve gone from something beginning to show promise to absolutely taking over the world. I suppose we should be getting used to this by now, what with technology serving up mammoths like this on a nearly yearly basis (think Google, Facebook, Ipods etc). Now this particular graphic doesn’t take into account the number of views, but the amount of shares via email and Facebook et al. So what does this mean exactly?

Well it means as a society we’re getting used to sharing our lives with each other over the Internet, not a new thing exactly, but the line which so many drew between social reality and the more traditional form has been rubbed out. The fight is over people, those who tried to resist have lost the war, and social media is here to not only stay, but to run our lives for, well, forever most likely.

So what does this mean for marketing exactly? Well the rules have changed now and everyone needs to embrace social media and what the Internet can offer. This doesn’t mean build websites and Apps and simply have a Twitter account, but actually put large emphasis in the way you use these medias. That means putting experts in charge, resources behind them, and the time and effort required to embrace a new generation that is willing to listen, but only if you’re willing to speak some sense. Just this morning I read an article about how Harvard have done research into the ineffective way viral campaigns work. I disagreed with it because it seemed to take into account quantity rather than quality. We may not listen to every recommended brand, band, and shop we come across, but coming from the right people, this knowledge is gold dust.

We’re moving into a social world where you won’t only listen to your best friend, but people you’ve never met but highly respect. There are certain people on Twitter who I’ve never met but always look at the link they offer regardless. Why, because I respect their opinion. Ask yourself if you do the same? Chances are if you are a heavy social media user then the answer will be yes, because that is ultimately why we go there. To converse and share with others.

Why else would nearly 5 million people share a Darth Vader advert loosely advertising a car?

So there you have it, the war that so many were fighting is over. Social Media has won and the next 12 months will only go to prove it. Expect further collaboration between media such as Twitter and Facebook, further integrations with brands of all sizes, and more people delving further online then they have ever done before. Why, because they are intrigued about everything, and are finally beginning to understand exactly what the social media can offer.

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2 thoughts on “Social Sharing Is Social Caring!

  1. Surprisde no one commented on this actually.
    I am totaly loving social media now. Before, I was skeptical, and lazy. Now I enjoy things like Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and am sure I am going to enjoy that Stumbleupon you suggested in one your more recent posts.

    Posted by Magic Mint | April 11, 2012, 6:48 am
    • My girlfriend is embarking on a career in fashion, and I tell her social media could help a lot. She says she doesn’t understand it, so I say “understanding it is easy, the tough thing is learning to love it ”

      I think you have to like tweeting and sharing and engaging, otherwise you will only go so far. If its not for you then fine, but I feel you need to give things a chance

      Really glad your learning to love these things because they can be great assets to anyone. I’m like you, I was skeptical at one time but now can’t imagine not going on twitter, or sharing a blog post etc

      It’s well and truly part of my life and I love it 🙂

      Posted by Turndog Millionaire | April 11, 2012, 6:58 am

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